Sunday, April 19, 2015

House Decorations

We've had to update our family pictures since Charlotte has joined us. As I was replacing the kids annual pictures, making Charlotte's baby shadow box and making prints, I thought I'd blog about everything. We painted our entire living space and kitchen last April, so everything got taken down. We then had to thoughtfully put things back up knowing to leave space for number three!!

Along the fireplace wall each kid has a 12x12 that I keep their most current pictures in. I always put a collage together in Photoshop and then print the 12x12 for the frame. These then get rotated into an album. In that album there are also questions to ask the kids every year. I'll do a separate post on those later!

See Cecelia's Six Year Old Post
See Charlotte's New Born Photo's Post

See Coletyn's Three Year Old Post

We had to figure out something to do on a long, blank wall in our kitchen. I knew we needed a way to let pictures grow and change without a million holes in the wall. Picture rails.. thank you Pinterest! On purpose none of the frames match. Makes life so much easier!!

In our living room each kid has a shadow box with the outfit they came home from the hospital in, their firth announcement, footprints and other odds and ends.

The pink background is fabric from her newborn photos. 

Our Due Dec. 23rd baby- Cecelia.

Only kid we knew gender of going in... Coletyn.

On our staircase there is a canvas of Cecelia, Coletyn and me in the hospital after Cole was born. Then each kid has a frame with the initial cleaned up and cozy new baby pic from the hospital and a clock with their birth time.

Cecelia Marie
Charlotte Josephine

Coletyn Thomas

Inbetween the kids bedrooms and bathrooms are three skinny walls. Each wall has a collage of the cutest pics of that kid's first year. Charlotte's is waiting patiently!

That's about it. There are a few other things on other walls but these are all the updates we did in the last year. 

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