Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chapter 1, Things I think people were too scared to tell me about mommyhood...

I am spreading the word as no one had the decency to inform me. Hope this helps!! Add items you feel are necessary.

1. Lower back pain is really sacroliac joint instability. If this goes untreated for 5 months because your OBGYN just dismisses it, you will pay. Pay with 3 time a week chiropractors and 2 time a week physical therapists the last two months of pregnancy, combined with the inability to lay, walk, sit, or stand without being in pain.. thanks Dr. Kuranz. (I've now switched OBs!!)

2. just bite the bullet and buy larger underwear. You will be much more comfortable.

3. Don't buy bigger bras, get nursing bras. And don't get suckered into the expensive Medella (namebrand) nursing bras. Target are the best. They uphold during washings and don't make you look pointy like Madonna. (Or get the bra strap extenders to hold you out.)

3. Lamaze class is really cheesy... I mean really cheesy, but realize that your hubby has not watched the last decades worth of Baby Story on TLC and has no idea what will happen. Do it for them.


4. Carry an extra set of pants, undies, shoes and socks (and pads) in your car at all times in the 9th month. Water breaking is like a flood. If you are in public, work, etc and it happens how horrifying would it be to have to wait in wet pants for hubby to come and get you.. urgh... oh and by the way... make sure to get pads... the long ones that go from your belly button up to your shoulders!!!!!

5. Really pack a bag in your ninth month. Packing at 3:30 in the morning (in labor) isn't the best. Also, pack about twice as much for your hubby (if he is staying at hospital) than you think. Chances are you will be there longer than you think. Would be nice to have a clean shirt and underwear past day two. Sorry Jason!

6. Everyone and their brother will be in your junk.... don't be surprised.

7. DON'T watch them set up the birthing "tools." Especially if you are nauseated in the least. You DON'T want to know what they may use that stuff for. You are much better off.

8. When they say the anesthesiaologist (sp?) is going into a c-section do you want your epidural now or later say RIGHT NOW.

9. Pitocin contractions are the DEVIL. Don't be too proud, take the meds. You are not a failure. My unofficial survey on Circle of Moms from mothers who did contractions naturally and on pitocin agree hands down, pitocin are MUCH worse.

10. Hurts like hell...

Post Partum...

11. Ice diapers... yes please. numming spray... yes please. You will be surprised, however, how quickly parts down under return to fighting shape!!

12. I would have liked my own robe. Didn't bring becasue people say it will get all messy. I would have gladly had to throw the thing out after for the comfort of my own robe.

13. Accept the lactation consultant's help. Make an appoitment if they don't automatically visit all mothers.

14. Send the baby to the nursery. You have no idea how nice 4 straight hours of sleep will be. baby will sleep in the nursery but not in your room. they can smell you and want to be held.

15. Know what vaccinations they will want to give baby in hospital. You can say no. It is your right... (here I am biased... I am a total vaccine freak...write me if you want a good book.)

16. Nursing will save you $3,000- $5,000 in the first year (depending on brand). Still breastfeeding and Cecelia is 14 months. Call/write if you need help figuring out the whole pumping mommy gig. Pumped for a year... I am a champ. 1. Buy the good Medella $200 pump. 2. Call me for pointers. 3. Don't give up.

17. Sleeping baby. Cecelia has been sleeping 12 hours and two two hour naps during the day- still at 14 months. We live by the book- Healthy Sleep, Happy Child- must read.

18. First week... keep track of times fed, how long, time pooped, time wet diaper. The peditrician will ask and after the first 6 hours at home is all gets foggy. If you can just show pediatrician they won't have to ask questions and your sleep deprived brain won't have to fight to find the answer.

19. Let the milk bags hang free at night at least. I slept on a towel. Only thing that kept the yeast of the milk ducts (yes, I said yeast of the milk ducts- hurt worse than giving birth) from coming back. Give those puppies air. Warm/moist environment breeds yeast. So they hang a cm lower than if I would have had a titsling on the whole time....getting rid of the yeast was worth it!!

My love and best wishes to all my preggos!!!

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