Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chapter 3- Nipple Cream....How I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways!!

A nursing mother's best friend can be your new life partner....

 Nipple Cream Purposes- Expanded List!!

1. Intended use
2. as lip balm
3. as hand lotion
4. as diaper cream (when baby has yeast and you shouldn't use cornstarch based cream!!)
5. use on raw nose when sick... oh, baby!!
6. use on baby's upper lip when they have a runny nose so they don't get that red, chafed burn
7. on child's upper lip when they do that thing where they keep licking (from having dry lips) and get that red ring around their mouth
8. as lotion on legs in the middle of the winter itch season
9. wound care--- to help heal wounds they need to stay moist- ever catch a dry scab on something- ouch!
10. wound barrier- put today on open blisters on my feet prior to going into baby pool... acted as barrier and the wounds never got the nasty water on them!!
11. use on mosquito bites to stop the itch
12. use on knuckles in the winter when you work in an elementary school and wash your hands hourly (could probably also work in medical setting!!)

Well, 1/10 of the way to finishing my 101 Uses for Nipple Cream book!

** Note- there are different thicknesses of nipple cream depending on the brand. Some are better than others depending on how you are using it!!

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