Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chapter 4- Feeding a Toddler, Mission Impossible

This chapter is devoted to feeding a toddler- the never ending battle!! Here is what I have learned.

1. Yo Baby Yogurt- you can purchase with vegetables snuck in them! 

2. Veggie Shreds- looks like cheese, smells like cheese... HA, got yah, there are veggies in there!!

3. Trail mixes with a little variety can keep a toddler busy for a while- raisins, chex- rice/wheat/corn, cherrios, golden raisins, cheese bunnies (organic goldfish- Annie's Brand), bite size cherry essence prunes, mini chocolate chips/white chocolate chips, puffs, other cereals, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, etc... mix it up and they never get bored!!

4. Organic- it is much easier than it looks. Trick- get a good grocery store. Pick 'n Save can take a hike. Woodman's is my home! They have everything! When buying organic- stock up when it is on sale.

5. Hormone/antibiotic free milk-Look for the "Farmer's Pledge" on the label.

6. Cookies- We got away with calling crackers cookies for 23 months. The jig is up now!! Someone taught Cecelia Oreo- we are in trouble now!!

7. Smoothies come in all different varieties and are a mess free toddler snack. Don't use ice- they get too cold and your little one can't slam them down!!

simple- 1 yo baby yogurt in a cup, fill the rest with milk- shake. (also a great way to let a toddler who won't let you feed them anymore feed themselves yogurt!) They sell the smoothie Yo Baby yogurts but I can't bring my self to spend a dollar more on something I can do so easily.

average- 1 yo baby, some fruit and milk in blender- Oh the joyous slurping sounds.

advanced- whatever you can steam- you can throw into a smoothie- carrots, beans, avocado (doesn't need to steam),greens. Steam a whole bag of carrots at a time and keep them in the fridge. Always ready to be a front runner in the smoothie of the day. My sister actually gagged one time she saw me put left over beans from dinner into the blender. Slurp, slurp Cecelia downed the whole thing! They don't know it's gross unless someone tells them!- Tip- disguise veggie tastes with fruit. I would never go veggie all the way!

8. This one is a debate in some families for sure- To make the fussy eater their own meal, or not to that is the question?!?! I know some families whose 5th grader won't eat what is made for dinner. Do you really want to make two meals EVERY night? Yet, you want the toddler to eat. It's a huge predicament- Cecelia is old enough to get what we eat. She will only eat it on about 50% of occasions. Those are the nights yogurt is for desert and we have a snack before bed. I am NOT making 2 meals!!

9. Temperature of liquids- Cecelia still likes things to drink warmed. I think it is a teething thing- or could be her preference. So, I buy juice boxes- With veggies in them!!- that we keep at room temp. Then I'm never warming juice.

10. Bananas- Be careful. A love affair with bananas can cause one backed up little toddler!!

11. baked goods-  has a ton of recipes for muffins, breakfast foods, etc that can be made. Most of them don't use refined sugar. Cecelia's favorites- banana pancakes (we've started doing apple ones now- I like them better. They don't hold the heat as much as the banana ones do), apple/banana muffins, pumpkin/apple muffins, beet cookies, etc. Jason even likes them too. Well, not the beet cookies. My go to website for new recipes for the family!

12. Restaurants- you have to go, if you don't your toddler will never learn to eat at one. We like BW3, it is loud- can't hear a screaming toddler, there are 100 tvs- constant different stimulation for infants on up, kids night- $.99 - can't beat it! Things to pack- disposable bibs, disposable placemats. We had the one that rolled out and suction cupped to the table... was great- a pain to wash- until fine motor skills develop and they realize they can just pull it off. We now use disposable placemats that have a sticky strip on all four sides. Keep a box of disposable bibs and disposable placemats in the car. You are always good to go! High chairs- the dirtiest items in a restaurant and they rarely get washed down. We never got one of those traveling boosters that hangs from the table. Maybe with the next one. I keep a box of individually wrapped antibacterial wipes in the car. It takes 2 to wipe down a high chair and 1 to wipe the table and anything else within arms reach of the feasting toddler. Yeah, I'm a germ-a-phobe!! Little things to remember about restaurants- how long will it take them to get the food to the table? order a.s.a.p after sitting down. Bring toddler cutlery. They won't have toddler size spoons!

I am sure there is more. 

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