Monday, November 17, 2014

Forgot About the Blog... Pending Christmas Snapshot

Yep, I completely forgot about the blog. My apologies!! Here's a tale regarding Coletyn (almost 3) that I wanted to remember...

Around Halloween, all of the toy catalogues started coming in the mail. We were home sick with Cecelia one day and the kids started looking through them. Most know that I like to be well prepared and done holiday prepping LONG before December hits so I started asking the kids what they were going to ask Santa for. We watch Christmas movies and read Christmas books year round so I figured Coletyn had somewhat of an idea of what/who Santa was, but I wasn't sure.

Well, after some thoughtful ad searching, he stumbled upon a Dusty (from Planes) airplane. Every couple of days I ask him and he says the same thing. Golden, he's on track.

A week or so later as houses were beginning to pack away their Halloween decorations (which upset the little guy horribly) I tried to comfort him by telling him that houses will put out their Christmas decorations next. This excited Cole. He then asked if we could make gingerbread cookies to give to Santa for Christmas. I of course obliged! He's reminded me a few times since!!

A few weeks passed and this past Saturday rolled around. The flurries started..... (yuck)! Coletyn was staring out the back door, watching the snow and yelled, "Yes, it's Christmas! Momma, we make gingerbread cookies now for Santa?" Poor kid was devastated when I told him that we had to have Thanksgiving and Cecelia's birthday first. Sorry kiddo!!

The next day Coletyn went with Jason to the mall to exchange a watch. They saw Santa from a distance. Coletyn told Jason how he wanted to see Santa. Jason told him we would with Cecelia.

When he got home he told me about "seeing" Santa. But he has some questions. The conversation went something like this...

"Momma, I got a question."
"Yes, Coletyn?"
"Santa had nothfin in his hands?"
(me racking my brain trying to think what he means......eureka!)
"Buddy, when we ask Santa for something he doesn't have it with him. He will leave it under our Christmas tree if you are a good boy."
"Hmmm. Okay momma. We need decorations, right now!"

It's so cute to see what he does and doesn't remember and has or hasn't pieced together. This Christmas will be fun for him as he will really understand. Parenting is sure a ton of work. But one of the best rewards is watching your kids experience and learn about life through their eyes. It amazes me all the time!

Green Meadows, Summer 2014

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