Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

This kid just cracks me up. Let's face it, I will never sit down to jot down the things the kids say in their baby books... so, I'll give this a crack!

Cecelia, while wearing her bug magnifying glass around her neck, "Momma, I'm going to get more bugs tomorrow and put them into my glass. I will squish them first though. But not the butterflies (we always have to have long talks about not squishing butterflies at the museum) or the ladybugs because I am not a butterfly killer. I don't kill bugs that don't bite."

Cecelia has been at G-Ma's house for two days. Cole started walking around saying ya ya ya ya ya. I asked him if he missed Cecelia and he replied, "Ya- Ya!" I've been waiting 18 months to see what he was going to name her. Ya-Ya it is!!

Mom- Cecelia, who are you making that card for?
Cece- My friends.
Mom- Which friends?
Cece- My two boyfriends next door.
10 minutes later
Cece- (with horror in her voice) Momma, I can't find my card for my boyfriends!?!?!

July 2015- Coletyn
Mom- Coletyn, which black olives do you want.  (I point to the whole olives or the slices olives.)
Cole- I want the fixed ones. (He points to the whole ones and calls them the fixed ones... because he thinks the slices were put back together.)

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