Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chapter 5... Pregnant Again...How easily one can forget!

You would think it might be easier the second time around....right. (can you sense the scarcasm already!)

1. Scheduling...You want your kids two years apart, three years apart, four?? Start planning a year or more before you want the next. One day I realized Cecelia was two. We didn't want two in diapers yet my sister and I are 4 years apart and I always felt that was too much... so, I looked at the hubby and broke the news... I still don't think he realized what he signed up for!!

2. Hemmroids... didn't really want to put this one number two on the list but I swear the minute I peeed on the stick, they dropped back out. WTF?

3. Maternity clothes.... small. Small who? How the hell did I fit into these last time around??? Only about half of my maternity clothes fit appropriately (yeah, the ones I wore towards the end with Cecelia) the others I inappropraitely squeeze myself into!

4. Belly- I swear, I started showing EARLY... like week 8. You couldn't notice because my wardrobe isn't as form fitting as it used to be back in the day... but for real, pants got snug, quickly.

5. First trimester with a toddler at home. Remember those early evening naps when preggo with number one... man, that was the life!! Contimplated propping my eyelids open with toothpicks while at work. What got done in my house for those first few months.... NOTHING!

6. Anxiety... sets in sooner with number two I believe. Dreams of how to get one breastfed, one fed and dressed and off to childcare BEFORE I am supposed to be to work started early on. What will I be missing with Cecelia? Will she adapt to not being the center of the universe? Do I really want to give up the "freedom" we have with an almost three year old? Nursing.... I feel like I just stopped. Am I ready to be strapped down for the next two years? Where will more baby/kid stuff go in this house? A name.... what to name a boy... harder than with Cecelia. All this ontop of my already controlling, A-type personality made me quite a bear lately... if you ask Jason!!

7. Aches and pains... wouldn't you think my body would have been ready and "used" to what was about to happen to it. Um, no!

8. Ouch, watch the belly...1,000 times a day, the toddler will bump, lean on, kick, elbow, push, prod, etc the tender, full belly. Start your defensive stanse (sp?) early on!

9. Husbands... it's like they forget everything. Your hormones, emotions, aches.... HELP ME for the love of God. I am NOT superwoman!

10. Prioritize.. I learned early on... spending time with Cecelia, going somewhere or doing something, is better than cleaning the house, etc, I can't do it all... I won't try to. I'll only do what is most important.

11. Baby gear... I might actually need to put this kid down sometime in the first three months of his life.. Baby wrap... check. Swing that rocks multiple directions... check!

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