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Jason and I try to keep track every year of what we store (or plant) to remember how much to buy (or plant) the following year based on the previous year's yield. I've never found a good place to keep track of all of this, until now. Below is our running almanac of our harvests!!

Pictured left, our resident supervisor/farmer- 
July 2011 (Cecelia, Age 2.5).

This summer we went half tomatoes, half diversified garden and we got a CSA from Three Sister's Community Farm.

Things we need to remember...

  • Save tomatoes for the southern beds. All our tomatoes were crap.

This summer we diversified the garden since I still had a TON of tomato products canned from last summer.

We planted an array of veggies including green beans, wax beans, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, some herbs, cauliflower, broccoli, hot peppers, green peppers... I think that is it.

From our garden we blanched, flash froze and vacuum sealed a TON of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. We had about a 10 qt stock pot full of shredded cabbage (I know because I turned it all into sauerkraut and cooked it for Thanksgiving freezing it into meal size portions for eating through the year. We also have been eating broccoli and cauliflower whenever we want. I've made broccoli cheese soup a few times. It's been delicious!!

We didn't get a CSA this summer since we had such a diverse garden. I did fill in the holes of our freezer with:

  • 4 dozen cut and packaged ears of corn from a local farmer. 
  • Thirty pounds of flash frozen blueberries from Tree-Ripe Citrus. 
  • About 25 pounds of peaches pealed, eighth and canned from Tree-Ripe Citrus.
  • About 15 pounds of green beans blanched and frozen from local farmer's market
In the end we are so glad that we didn't do a ton of tomatoes again as this year's tomato growing season wasn't great. We had a colder summer and a later start to the heat and tomatoes didn't do well.


20 pounds strawberries (picked 6/28) (2 flats)- 
     1 flat mashed and frozen for later jamming 
     2nd flat washed and flash frozen for smoothies, pies, etc.
28 Roma tomato plants


2 small, 4 big chicken stock
4 gallons broccoli
2 gallon swiss chard/other greens chopped
1 quart corn, green bean mix
4 small kale pesto
chicken kale soups 22 small for lunches, 1 big for dinner,
5 gallons Shredded cabbage
2 gallon quartered cabbage for corned beef and cabbage
3 gallons Zucchini/yellow squash spears
2 gallons Zucchini/yellow squash grill circles
6 (5 packs) Zucchini muffins
7 (5 packs) Rhubarb muffins
3 gallons asparagus
2 gallons whole strawberries
18 servings gallons green beans
2 quarts, 3 gallon blueberries
2 gallons snow peas
1 gallon rhubarb
1 gallon fudge
1 quart green peppers
mango strawberry freezer jam- 15 pints
cream mushroom soup- 19 pints
1 quart choke cherries for crepes
1 gallon blackberry currant crepe filling
1 gallon, 1 quart squash cubes
1 gallon blackberries cubes
2 gallons strawberry cubes
2 gallon kale cubes
1 cabbage casserole
1 quart peaches
2 quarts corn

5 pounds onions
26 tons carrots...literally!
13 quarts peach applesauce
2 gallons scape infused red wine vinegar for Christmas gifts
10 quart, 24 pints, 10 half pints tomato sauce
9 quarts hot salsa
5 quarts mild salsa
6 quarts dill pickles
21 quarts, 4 pints tomato soup
12 pints tomato paste
12 pints diced tomatoes
35 pints Italian tomato sauce
6 pints pickled beats
1 quart dried green onion
1 cup dried basil, rosemary, dill, oregano, thyme
24 half pints peach jam for Christmas gifts
24 half pints strawberry jam for Christmas gifts


1 1/2 bushels apples - 3 pies, 6 qts strawberry(1 qt)applesauce, 5 qts blueberry(1/4gal)applesauce, 11 qts applesauce 

24 pound strawberries (picked 6/14) and 6 cups diced rhubarb (from yard) 
      10 pints strawberry rhubarb jam 
      4 qts strawberries processed in crockpot for crepes or applesauce 
      1 gallon flash frozen berries 

3 lbs snowpeas 
8 lbs snap peas 
8 lbs green beans 
6 gallons blueberries 

16 Roma tomatoes, 2 cherry tomatoes = 17 gallon ziplocks of guts; 31 pints tomato sauce (cooked 11 hours then added 5 qts veg stock), 9 half pints pizza sauce 
4 green peppers 
30 onions 
3 cucumbers 
1 pumpkin 


 8lbs strawberries- 7pts and 4 half pints no sugar preserves 
(5) 12 oz raspberries - 5 pts and 12 half pints no sugar jam 
4 lbs green beans 6 lbs snap peas 
12 c. frozen fruit= 16 pints full sugar jam 
 2 bushels apples= 4 pies, 18 qts applesauce 
 15 roma tomato plants= 10 gallon ziplocks of guts= 2 qt, 26 pints, 5 half pints sauce 


3.5 lbs snap peas
2 cherry tom, 2 roma tom, 1 beef eater = 15 ziplocks frozen tomatoes= 6qts, 8 pints sauce
1 jap plant = 1 qt japs
2 cucumber plants= 6 qts, 12 pints dill and bread and butter pickles
1 bushel apples= 8 qts applesauce, 7 half pints of apple butter

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