Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My baby! A Love Letter

Dearest Charlotte,
My sweet baby girl. Your daddy and I joke that you are our favorite. It is a joke but you are about the easiest baby ever. I am sure you are reaping the benefits of being baby number three. By now, I've got this mommy thing.

Six Months
You just turned ten months and I am already dreading your first birthday. I want you to be my baby forever. Over Thanksgiving you learned many new tricks including peek-a-boo, patty cake, high fives and you can nail "so big" like it's your job. 

We've been playing around with signing starting with "more." The other day your daddy was feeding you dinner. You dropped your water glass, pointed to the floor at the glass and then signed "more." I thought your daddy's head was going to explode! I think next we'll learn "eat." We are all fighting about who's name you will use first. You have been playing with consonant sounds and a few times it sounded like you said something similar to momma, da-da and ya-ya all rolled into one. Smart. Really smart. You've got us all wrapped around that tiny finger of yours! Your brother and sister included. I've never heard them or seen them do or say anything remotely sassy to you. We'll see how long that lasts!!
Six Months- August 2015
Coletyn, 3
Cecelia, 6

Your momma is exhausted. You are yet to sleep longer than about 4 hours at night. I will stay exhausted as long as I need to keep getting those cuddles just the two of us at night. It's my favorite time of day (don't tell your brother and sister).

I miss you being little but I love playing with you. I haven't worn you in a while. That makes me sad. Yes, your momma wore you. It sounds crazy, I know. See your pictures here. I'll take what ever opportunities I can to be with you. I am so sorry I have to work.  Aunti Linda says you are the best baby ever. You get the gold medal for sleeping. I wish it were me with you every minute of your day but I know soon you will be making little friends!

Your momma is going to keep reminding myself to stop, slow down and savor every last second of the baby time I have left with you. Of course I look forward to you talking and walking and turning into a little person. It will come in due time but I'll never have these baby times with you again. 

Your sweet eyes.

Your playful sass.

Your long hair.

Your..... MESS.

Your momma loves you baby girl.
Your papa loves you baby girl.
Your sister loves you baby girl- here.
Your brother loves you baby girl - here.

You will be my (our) baby forever.

Coletyn's love letter, here.
Cecelia's love letter, here.

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