Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby Wearing!

What? You don't wear your baby? Babywearing has been the only way I can make three kids work. With three kids, we need to get out of the house and do things. That's hard to do with an infant! Not when you can wear a baby. When Charlotte was itty, bitty it was a piece of cake because she would sleep. Now that she is a bit older it takes a little more effort to get her to sleep in the carrier, but we are still able to get out! We have four different baby carriers. 
The first one is a Sleepy Wrap. It's like a Moby. One long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body. I like this wrap for the itty bitty baby. After about ten pounds, this wrap hurts my back so I move on!

We also have a Ergo soft structured carrier. I traded a few times to get this pretty one! Third baby, last baby- it has to be pretty. With Cecelia, I didn't know about baby wearing. With Coletyn, my pelvis, hips and joints were still so cattywhompas that after 10 pounds I couldn't wear him. Charlotte, third baby, lucky child. My body is holding up fine and I love all the extra cuddles with my baby. Ergo carriers have infant inserts that you can buy separately. I didn't use the insert as there's a trick with a receiving blanket. We used that blanket trick until Charlotte was about 5 months old and comfortable spreading her legs around my body.
Using the blanket in lieu of infant insert trick.

The Ergo let us have a great few months of maternity leave and summer vacation. Charlotte was little so she would sleep in the Ergo and the kids and I could go out and do anything. Well, almost anything!

I also have two slings. One is mesh for the pool. How long can you hold a baby at the pool? Ten minutes until your arm wants to fall off!! Baby sling, we can play for hours! We can get wet and cool down. I can put the tail over her face to shield the sun and help her sleep.

The other sling I have is a Sleeping Baby Productions linen sling. This one we use if we are running in a store or somewhere quickly, it's super hot or I don't want her to think she has to fall asleep (like in the Ergo). I can't wear a baby for hours in a sling because the weight isn't centered over your body. 

We got so good this summer in the Ergo that we rode dirty once in a while. Three kids. No stroller! This is Betty Brinn below!

Trick-or-treating in the cold with an infant. Piece of cake! You can string a t-shirt onto an Ergo so her Theadore chipmunk shirt was on the Ergo, not her!

I am really going to miss wearing my baby. She's my last. It's been so nice to have her so close and cuddly. I don't know how much longer my body will hold out on me but I am sure I'll suck it up until she is running!

Dude, if you are thinking about three kids, this is the only way to survive! With a baby carrier and an umbrella stroller. The stroller can hold all the crap and the toddler. When my back needs a break, Charlotte can go into the stroller and the three year old gets kicked out. Those huge double strollers or sit and stand strollers are such a pain in the butt to push places that I am liking this option!

I'll do anything to get more snuggles with my last baby. I am savoring every second! She's growing toooooo fast.
9 months

9 months

9 months

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