Sunday, December 3, 2017

Birthday/Christmas Gauntlet 2016

As we are on the heals of the birthday/Christmas gauntlet, I thought I should post last year's gauntlet pictures!! The pictures go in reverse order. Sorry.
January 29- Charlotte turned 2
January 7- Coletyn turned 5
December 10- Cecelia turned 8
hunting Christmas trees Thanksgiving weekend!
November 9- Jason's birthday

As per usual, the cakes are made by me!

Christmas Day indulgence- red wine pot roast, french onion soup, cinnamon rolls from scratch...!

Christmas morning!

Christmas eve!

Tracking Santa.


First and only snow came right before Christmas. Igloo time!

Holiday programs!

Breakfast with Santa!
Bell ringer!

Hand made Poppy!

Reindeer zoo school!

Shopping and delivering our donation toys. Each year, the kids shop for a child their age and we donate the toys. 

Hiking/hunting for Christmas tree!

Tallest tree we every got! Jason calls himself 5 foot 12 inches. (He's 5'10'' on a good day) for reference.

Yes, it came home muddy.

Homemade wreath from tree trimmings!

Daddy's 35th!

Father daughter dance!

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