Sunday, December 10, 2017

101 Dalmatians- Theater Debut!

We now have a budding actress!!! This summer (2016) Cecelia participated in South Milwaukee Youth Theater's junior presentation of 101 Dalmatians! She had 5 weeks of 4 times per week rehearsals. She played Spot and actually had a line!!

She LOVED it!

We had the CD so we all had the show memorized from listening non-stop in the car

She made off pretty well from her fans. I found her the morning after the show, up first in the house, sitting among her flowers making a picture with the stickers she got from Auntie!

Peanut was a good sport. Thankfully it was only about a 40 minute show!

To advertise, they put on a small show at the South Milwaukee Farmer's Market the week before the show!

 Action shots from daddy!!

They just released the new for this summer and the show will be School House Rock. The kids have no idea what that is so we will have to Youtube it so they know what it is. I think Coletyn is planning on being in it this summer too! We shall see!

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