Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween!!!

Strawberry Shortcake


 Coletyn's first house. A little apprehensive to begin the adventure. By the 5th house he was game requesting "more" and taking the candy forcefully out of the homeowner's hands instead of letting them put it in his bucket. The funny thing is he has no idea what he is collecting. Thanks to the lady who was giving out fake spiders! That was a hit!!

 G-Ma came with us. This was the first year I would say we actually trick-or-treated. We have taken Cecelia since she was alive but I don't know if you can count 10 houses as trick-or-treating!?!? I see next year as fun. Going hard core with two kids chasing to the doorbell... they grow too fast!

Auntie Erica sent Halloween cards. Watch the mail delivery below!!

Hope your holiday was spooktacular!

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