Sunday, October 27, 2013

Snap Shot- October 2013

It's October already... wow! Feels like we were just in our swimming suits enjoying the summer. Dare I say it, but I think we are finally in our groove. If the groove means this house will always need a deep clean, there will always be a laundry backup, I will always be a minute or two late to work, the kids will always be a day late for a bath and we will ALWAYS be stepping over toys, then yes, we are in our groove!!

Just a snapshot to remember what the kids were up to at this age!!

Coletyn, 21 months

Coletyn is talking up a storm, but I am sure no one other than me knows what he is saying. He has syllable approximations but makes very few letter sound connections in his words. It's actually quite hilarious but he is talking!!

He looks like a little boy now, not my baby!
Raspberry monster!

Coletyn is also trying to do everything we do. He will copy or "help" you do what you are doing. He has turned into such an independent guy!

Cecelia, 4 3/4 years old

Cecelia is infatuated with school. She comes home and plays school every night. It is so cute because you can tell exactly what her teacher is doing/saying. It's greatly reduced my anxiety because she absolutely loves it!

Cecelia at school!

 Cecelia is also still trying to cling on to being a little kid. Below is her being jealous that Coletyn was going to sit in the highchair at G-Ma's house. As you can see, she barely fits but crammed herself in there!

Cecelia is also full of love and cuddles still- THANK GOODNESS! She still on a whim comes up and says, "Momma, I love you!" with a big hug!

Cecelia is also about he best big sister in the world. She is patient, kind and understanding.

A few mommy and daddy updates... We got to root on the Packers last weekend in the RAIN. Always the case when I go to a game.. it rains. You would think I would have packed in preparation but the damn weathermen led me astray. Try finding rain gear with 70 thousand others in the Green Bay metro area. It was exhausting but we had a great time. Thanks to Auntie Erica who watched the kids at her place in Appleton. From Cecelia's reports they had a rough time- movie, Noodles and went swimming twice!! Below is a picture from the tailgating party we went to. Have you ever driven past the house that has the huge Lombardi Trophy in the back yard? Yep we were there!!

No pictures from inside the game because it RAINED the whole time. I am not ashamed to say each foot was in a plastic bag inside my shoe and I may have had my legs and feet inside a garbage bag under my poncho! Guess who stayed BONE DRY the entire time?!! Thanks Ronnie and Melanie, it was a good time, regardless!

That's about it. I think there is something for me to can in the kitchen. Gotta go!!

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