Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Milwaukee County Zoo

If you didn't know it, the Milwaukee County Zoo is one of our hot spots year round!! We have a zoo pass and take advantage of the WONDERFUL education opportunities they have year round starting at age 2. Since she was two, Cecelia has gone to zoo classes. They are developmentally appropriate for skills, sensory needs and children's attention span. THEY ARE AWESOME. I've even learned many different things at the classes. Did you know monkeys have tails and apes don't? Earth-shattering, I know! Did you know a feline's whiskers are as wide as the widest part of their body? So, if their head doesn't fit into a place, their body won't... AMAZING!

From ages two to four, children attend these classes with a grown-up. Starting at age 4 and 5, parents have the choice of enrolling kids with or with out adults. They have separate classes for each. Cecelia did her first, NO ADULT class in September. I was very impressed with the adult to student ratio in the class. As the kids get older, the length of the classes and depth increases. There are half day, whole day and overnight classes in Cecelia's future!!

I am in a bit of denial, but just realized that during the next round of signing up (it's done three times a year), I will be registering Coletyn because he will be turning TWO. How did that happen?
 C. R. A. Z. Y.

Any ways, here are a bunch of pics and videos from the last few months at the zoo. They are not in any order!


Zoo A La Carte!
A zoo trip is never complete without a carousel ride!
Choo- choo!
Kangaroo school- with her first scavenger hunt!

Tiger school!

At tiger school the kids got to feel a real tiger whisker and pelt. Cool beans!
Our good friends Ruth and Brittany thinking we had treats. Yes, they were that close- no zoom! They are right on the edge of a 30 foot drop into a moat. Made me nervous!
Bye-bye choo-choo!
Cecelia in her zoo school class (she is in the purple coat in the middle of the pack). We had to pull an evasive maneuver, twice, so she wouldn't see us when we ran into them while Coletyn got to enjoy single childhood for two hours!

Creatures of the night class- She's a fox.

Another zoo class is this weekend. I hope it isn't too cold so Cole and I can toodle around the zoo!

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