Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snapshot- September 2013

Well, it happened. School started. I'm back to work. Things are busy. Time is going to start to fly. I decided to spend more time on this blog to help me track time as I seem to not be able to get it to slow down. I've been a bit stressed (shocker, I know) with the back-to-school transition, so I am coming here. Taking a pause. Taking a breath. Taking a snapshot in time....

20 months old now. He is a riot.
He wants whatever Cecelia has.
He does whatever we do.
His animal noise repertoire is expanding. He just added rooster today!
He aces his body parts.
He hums the ABCs with me and his toys.
"Yellow" means cereal bar.
He currently has NO fear.
He still wants to nurse and I can't bear to give it up.
Still a crummy napper but sleeps through the night!
He loves exploring things that are new.
Just like Daddy.

4 3/4 years old. Started K4.
Independent (when she wants to be).
Patient, although, ask her her definition of the word. There is a fish, tv and doctor's office involved!

First pony ride.

Growing, too fast.

But, they'll always be my babies!

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