Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shared Family Calendar... I love Google!

You really don't know me if you don't know how I freak for organization!! Granted, my house, upon first impressions, doesn't quite hold true, but you can find pockets here and there that make me giddy! This obsession, combined with my new love, Google, has changed how we do calendars in this house,  BIG time. 

This was the old system. Month by month, whiteboard calendar. Magnets with the things that happened every week. Different colored markers depending on who's activity it was. This was also where I meal planned. It was great, for a while but still led to Jason and I double booking or forgetting something that we didn't put on and we could only see our joined calendar if we were standing in the kitchen, looking at the fridge!

In walked Google shared calendars!

If you can put in on a calendar, we have it on a calendar. Shared calendars for everything. Reminders to empty dishwasher (Jason's job!), pay credit card bills, open the mail (yes, I need a reminder), my after school obligations, Jason's weddings/electrical side jobs, and our meal planner!. Yep, my meal planner is on our google. Why you ask? Because I can!! That's a whole different post! But reminders to brown ground beef the night before or defrost meat for the next night's dinner are pretty spectacular! Do you Google? Don't worry, this will be the first post in a Google series!

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