Monday, September 9, 2013

Homemade Moby Wraps

As I am sure most moms figure out, you do things much differently with the second baby than the first. One of those things I did differently was baby-wearing. Mostly because I had to have my hands free to help the toddler and when the second one comes around, you can't hold the baby for 23 hours a day (daddy usually wants a little time) and just nap and nurse on the couch. Between Coletyn's size (hurt to hold) and reflux, baby-wearing helped greatly. One thing I do regret however was buying a wrap at full price. I purchased a SleepyWrap (now called Boba). Some may have heard of the Moby wrap. These are all the same wrap with the same concept. One really long piece of fabric that you wrap in a specific pattern around your body and then plunk the baby in.

I miss those baby days. I wish I remembered more!

At the zoo, again. Cole, 3 months old.

I wish I would have had this for Cecelia. I bet I would have saved my back a bit. I still feel lopsided from only being able to hold her in my left arm!! So, this is one of those things that I think my new mommy friends need- even if they don't know they need it. But they are outrageously expensive. In walks Pinterest. Via Pinterest, I found this DIY Moby Wrap pattern. My fabric choices were not plentiful but I found some appropriate fabric with the 5% spandex recommended. This is important to give a bit of stretch but not too much! The great part of the pattern is it makes two wraps automatically. Thankfully, I have two friends expecting. I sewed a little ribbon to the centers (you need a center mark to know how to wrap it!). Side note, the ribbon is from my ribbon box which I used to make all of the garters for our high school dances and my wedding garter. I hoard all art supplies. You never know!

I skipped the hem the sides part because I didn't have the time and the fabric won't fray. I didn't have perfect cutting lines but it will be fine. I then had to figure out what to put them in since my wrap had a nice little bag I could keep it stowed in. Then it dawned on me.. those little sheet bags that Cecelia's sheet sets came in that just take up room in the linen closet, bam!!

In the end, I like this one better than mine. I think the fabric is cooler and won't be so bulky. We will have to wait for winter for those babies to come and test them out. So, are you baby-wearing? 

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