Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eiting Homestead! - Garden 2013

Have you been in our backyard lately? Well, it's definitely different these days! We decided to take out the deck. What to do with the lumber... most may burn. Take to the dump. Not the Eitings! We turn the greentreated lumber into raised garden beds. Nine 4 foot by 10 foot raised beds, that is! Down below is the construction in early May. You'll see our engineer and supervisor hard at work.

Step one, construct nine leveled beds with weed barrier at the bottom.

Step two, find organic soil/compost and have 16 yards dumped on the driveway. Hire out cheap high school kids for labor and 3 hours later, nine filled beds!

Step three, welcome cooler, wet June and sit back and watch them grow! Jason used to have a greenhouse that he would start seedlings in the basement in February, but since two kids, that place now houses toys and such. Now we just buy the seedlings from a local farmer.

Where's Waldo (Jason)?

Step four, start bringing in the harvest! First zucchinni this week (July 9th).

Step five will be processing. I don't touch the garden. Jason is the green thumb. I do the processing. With our harvests and what we will be getting weekly from our CSA our freezer will be stocked and ready for fall and winter. Annually we get a haul of tomato sauce and a variety of other produce. See our Eiting Farmer's Almanac 

Step six, teach the kids a little bit about having a homestead in the city!!!

Stay tuned for posts on what we bring in and make this fall!!

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