Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charlotte is ONE!

Our Sunshine is ONE....  (Commence momma balling here.) I can't believe it. Every day now she will be closer to being two than to the day she was born. (Continue momma balling here.)

Below are the pictures from her first birthday. While I still get to pick her cakes, I chose a theme I've wanted to do for years but the other kiddos always had better ideas they wanted! "You are my Sunshine!"

There are pics from her actual birthday and then her party. She's pretty adorable in all of them!!

To make a sun I baked a cake in a pyrex bowl!

This rocking chair we got from Jason's Grandma and Grandpa's house. She that post here. It was unfinished. Jason finished it and now it is Charlotte's. I have foam and material to make a seat for it so it won't be so slippery. She won't be able to get into it her self for a while longer so I have time!

Charlotte's photo shoot happened on my mother's kitchen floor. Jason has been talking about taking a picture on it since she put it in. We just threw some wrapping paper along her cabinets for the backdrop and plunked her by a window with some natural light coming in. We worked hard.. she wan't stoked! There were a few cute ones. Just like her sister, she disliked greatly the cake idea. (Recognize that sun? I plucked it right off of her cake from her birthday. Boom! Genius!

Our sunshine is one.... We love you Miss Charlotte Josephine!

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