Tuesday, March 3, 2015

She's Here... #Three Charlotte Josephine

I'm finally getting to blogging our newest addition!! She is here...
Charlotte Josephine
Born on January 29th at 1:49 pm.
8 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long

I won't do a whole narrative, birth story... even though I am sure some of you would like every gory detail! I'll use pictures to tell her story!

Apologies for the uncropped photo and the only gigantic photo you'll see.
 After much coaxing, my doctor finally talked me into being induced on her on call day. The day before my due date. She promised once my body kicked in she would turn off the pitocin... yeah, we'll see. I think she was genuinely concerned with the size of the baby (Coletyn was 8lbs 15 oz)... she was WRONG!

I was induce with Cecelia and Coletyn. Cecelia because my water broke two weeks early. Coletyn because I was a week late. I so wanted to experience a "real" labor for our last one. In the end, the option to know when she was coming (for this planning obsessed person) won over my personal desire. We got to pick our time. It was very nice to have that predictable. No call to my sister in the middle of the night. The kids didn't wake up and we were just gone. We were able to drop Cecelia off at school and Coletyn off at the sitters and head on in.

Three hours and three pushes and bam!

An afterschool meeting. Thanks to Auntie Erica who kept the ship afloat for us!

That stupid cast came off the week later followed by two weeks
 of a three year old that couldn't/wouldn't walk!

For real... look at her. Complete love at first sight! 

We left the hospital the next day. For the third kid all you want to do is get home. The nurses thought we were nuts and thanks to our pediatrician for vouching for us. Home and a family within 30 hours... nice. That was as long as Cecelia's labor was! #winning 

First bedtime book as a family of 5!

Other Charlotte Birth Posts coming soon:

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