Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our holiday, 2015. Going backwards!!

Christmas break playtime.

Mommy's craft projects. Details here.


Puppet shows!



Christmas Eve!


Great-Grandma Lenore!

There was a gingerbread house too! I forgot to take pictures. Of course, they turned out better than the summer run!! See that here.

Santa success!

Short stuff diverting from intended plan....

Christmas day cooking yielded a french toast bake. I wasn't impressed so I am not sharing the recipe. But the cooked for two days french onion soup was to die for! The cranberry pork tenderloin and burnt wild rice weren't too shabby either!! Another wonderful holiday in the books.. without broken limbs. #Winning!

Christmas 2014- here and here
Yeah, that's the only Christmas post. Give me a break.. I was 36 weeks pregnant and had a 2 year old with a broken leg!
Christmas 2013- here

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