Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why Can?

So, a new colleague asked me the other day, "Why do you can?" My initial reaction was going to be, "Why don't you can?" Then my brain caught me and I realized that it was a very valid question. Why do I can?
I've realized the answer isn't as simple but I think it starts with my dad. Most know that my dad passed at age 51 from melanoma. It was 2007. I was barely an adult (25). It was traumatizing. I am a firm believer that all this cancer crap in the world in environmental. Our life of convenience is killing us. Literally. I want to be around to grow old and watch my grandkids flourish. I want Jason to be there too. I'd give anything for my father to have met my children. I'll do what ever I can to keep us all healthy enough to live our dreams. So, I can food.
My dad isn't the only reason...
I'm a bored mom and wife. Yep, I said it. I'm bored. I work. I cook. I wipe asses... lots of asses. If there were 8 days in the week or 30 hours in a day, maybe I could do something for myself. So, what I do has to be multipurpose. Canning has stretched my knowledge, skills and helped me reach goals for my family. If you can eat it, I can can it! I've canned:
tomato sauce
italian tomato sauce
tomato soup
tomato paste
diced tomatoes
pickles- dill and bread and butter
apple sauce- berry, strawberry, peach, vanilla bean
green beans*
spicy pepper relish
(I am sure I missed something.)
Items marked with an * need to be pressure canned. See more info here.

So in short, I guess you could call homesteading/canning a hobby. My ONLY hobby! Everyone needs something they are interested in to feel like life is more than work. Canning and homesteading keeps me sane. Makes me feel human. Makes me feel successful. Makes me feel accomplished.

So, what does everyone need to show off their hobby? A pretty space!

Pictures above and below were our current storage options. In cases, shoved on shelves in the basement.

After a couple of hours on a weekend and some lumber and BOOM!

All of my pretty jars, lined up to show themselves off! Better than trophies!

Jason used this dead space in the basement along the hall to the quarter basement for them. It is a great use of space. It's pretty and also functional. When the jars are all crammed into cases, I can never tell what I have or don't have. I've tried lists over the years. They never work and then all of a sudden I'm out of something.

Now I have a new problem. They are so pretty. I don't want to use any of them! I am pretty sure that defeats the purpose! I see empty space and few and far between tomato products. I better get canning!

So, why do I can? Well they are pretty, duh!

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