Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chicken Stock- Pressure Canning

So, this is my recipe. I know I got the basic portions somewhere...

I usually do this every few months. Up until now (ability to pressure can) I would make a vat and then freeze in Mason jars. No freezing any more!!!

The basic recipe for the stock is as follows:

1 package of chicken breasts on the ribs (my store sells in packs with three breasts)

Boil in as much water as you want stock. Count for some evaporation.

Add scraps from the produce drawer that aren't looking so hot. The butt of the celery. Last of the baby carrots. Shriveled up onion.

Also, a few cloves of crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

Cook as long as you can (I do at least three hours). I cook in my stock pot with the strainer in it. Then I just have to pull out the strainer and all the stuff comes with it. I toss the bones, skin and cooked veggies and throw breast meat into Kitchen Aid. With the paddle attachment, in about 5 seconds you have instant shredded chicken. We will then throw it on salads, make chicken tacos or quesadilla some night of the week, etc.

Here your stock is finished.

Next steps are for pressure canning...

Refrigerate the stock over night. Pull out prior to canning and skim off the fat. I was thoughtful to measure the water I put into the pot prior to making the stock so that I would have a ball park of how many jars I would need to can. Chicken stock has a pH of 5.8 so it can not go into a typical water bath canner. See further explanation here.

 Hot packing.

packing the canner

Easy! 16 pints ready for recipes!

For more information on pressure canning see Pressure Canning post!

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