Sunday, August 10, 2014

K4 Graduation/ K5 Registration

This girl is killing me. How does she keep getting cuter and cuter. In June she rocked out at her K4 graduation. When asked, she wasn't sad to leave her teacher and her school, however, she expected K5 to begin the following Monday. I had to break her heart that first we had to have a fun summer. Then you can start kindergarten!

Here is dress rehearsal in the back yard!!

Followed by some of the actual performance!

On Monday, we went and registered Cecelia up for K5. She was a bit apprehensive. She will be at a new school as the K4 programs don't fit into our home schools so they are at alternate sites. She smiled for her picture and danced around Target as we got her kindergarten school supplies. She loves school. Must be my kid!!

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