Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Girl, All Grown Up

     So, I sort of lied when I was pregnant with Cecelia. We didn't know what we were having until she was here. Everyone asked, "What do you want?" I always said it didn't matter, but deep down I was lying. I couldn't wait to have a little girl. I knew I would eventually have a little girl and I couldn't wait to do all the little girl things with her. Well, this little girl stoled my heart on December 10, 2008 and continues to steal my heart every day. I had no idea how much I would enjoy watching her grow. Granted, she is growing a little too quickly!
     She also is aware of how much she is growing. She has recently been quoted as saying the following, "I am such a big girl now. I can put on my clothes, poop on the potty, open the refrigerator, set the table! Huhhhhhh, man I'm getting big!"
      So in honor of her declaration I've included a ton of pics and videos of her "being a big girl" and also some of my little EEK moments that I've been dying to do with my little girl!!

Singing her anthem.
She has humor. Was pretending to be a mouse eating the cheese!
The best, most patient, big sister, EVER!
Knows (and teaches me everyday) to stop and smell the roses (tulips)!
Big girl bike!
Sorts and matches socks as a chore!
Sets the dinner table!
Hair for princess camp, Mommy EEK moment!
Hair for princess camp, Mommy EEK number 2!

The best lunch date I've ever had!
Appreciates organization like her mommy. Knows her
stamp drawer, marker drawer, sticker drawer, paper drawer, etc!
Creativity developing! Click here for video!
Mommy EEK, baking with mom!

Instilling a love of the arts, seeing a musical!
All dressed up for our date night. Mommy EEK!

Best big sister ever!

Earlier this week, Cecelia was in a mood. It put me over edge a bit and I almost called, "Everyone to their rooms" but I didn't. Instead we met some friends and walked to their library for an art for munchkins class. Cecelia was bopping around the room playing with the toys and chatting with other kids. Then she ran over to me, sat on my lap and said, "Thanks momma, for bringing me here!" Being a mother is the hardest thing I'll ever do in my lifetime. It's a job that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no pay. Until those moments.... a thank you, an extra tight squeeze, seeing her show compassion towards her little brother.. this is how I am paid. It comes in daily, I just have to stop, take a breath and look for it!
Friendship bracelets made my mom, EEK!

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