Sunday, November 12, 2017

2016-2017 School Year- K4 and 2nd Grade

Yep. That's how he started school. First day of K4 and that is how I sent my boy. Later that month, after an allergist appointment, we discovered he has skeeter syndrome. Google it. Of course he does.

Yep, wants to be a cotton candy eater!
She wants to be a mom, teacher and dentist!
The kids had a pretty amazing school year. Three different drop offs every morning was, interesting but all survived! The both loved their teachers, of course! We blinked and the year came to an end!

K4 Graduation!

Mrs. E

Wants to be a police man!

Wants to be a mom, teacher, baker and pet store owner!

Ice cream and swim party in K4!

That's a wrap ice cream date! Another school year in the books. Why does time go so fast....

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