Sunday, October 22, 2017

Happy Anniversary- Wehr Nature Center- Cider Sunday

Jason and I got to spend our 12 year anniversary at our favorite kids' event where it all started! 
Every first Sunday in October, Wehr Nature Center puts on an apple cider event. The kids press apples into cider right were Jason and I said "I do!"
This year the event fell right on our anniversary. A few years ago, we donated for a block to be placed along the pathways that they were redoing. Our block ended up at the back of the amphitheater. So every Cider Sunday, the kids do crafts on our block!
 Here are a few pics of this year!

I'll see if I can find another picture of me with Jason to put here. Our wedding pictures aren't digital!

We saw this block along the walk. We we curious if pure coincidence???

Here's a few from the year prior!

Cider Sunday- October 2, 2016

Come and meet us next year. We'll be there!

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