Sunday, August 2, 2015

4th of July, 2015

A little glimpse of our 4th of July holiday.

The festivities began early in the week with window painting and a trip to the dollar store to get proper bike decorating supplies.

Buckets for collecting candy needed to be found and cleaned out!

Bikes were decorated!

The parade was in the morning. It's great that we can walk to the route. Coletyn had been asking about when the parade was since... last year! A funny story, Coletyn believes an American flag is required for EVERY parade. We went to the Oak Creek homecoming parade last fall and Coletyn insisted on bringing a flag. I finally got out of him that he thinks if you don't have a flag you won't get candy thrown at you. THIS KID!
After the parade I made them sit for a picture! Cecelia wore the dress Charlotte has on for her first 4th of July!
After the parade we packed up and drove to my aunt's lake in West Bend. Jason and the kids were slotted to camp there. I drove home with the baby. In preparation I did some baking. Betty Crocker's blueberry muffins for Sunday breakfast and some different bars for desert- lemon bars and peaches and cream bars. Recipes are linked.
First jet ski rides!

circles in the paddle boat
I left as the fireworks were starting down the road. A neighbor puts on a show better than the local city so they all went down to the pier to watch. As I drove home through Milwaukee, I could see the fireworks in every city along the way. After the fireworks at the lake, they had a fire. Jason reports that eventually Cecelia requested to go to bed. Shocking as that has NEVER happened. Then I asked what Coletyn did. My cousin's wife reported the following, "Around 11:00pm he finally stopped talking. He had been sitting on my lap chatting away. Seconds later his head fell back and rested on my chest. Then within minutes all the toys he has in his hands fell to the ground.

Day Two

First tubing rides too!

I drove back that afternoon to spend some time and pick up the family. We were going to eat dinner when we got home so we stopped for ice cream (holiday remember) on the way home. Coletyn passed out in his carseat two bites into his Blizzard. Cecelia managed to finish hers then proceeded to pass out!
We had to drag him into the house. He never woke up until the next morning. I think he had a good time. Thank you Auntie Laurie and Uncle Bill!

I think I've had an epiphany about the Fourth of July. I like it better than Christmas. Don't get me wrong, both holidays are fun to watch your kids enjoy but the Fourth of July is a bit less work with just as much excitement!!

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