Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer 2015!

Summer is here! Don't worry, I survived my 9 days of work in June. Jason took off of work for two weeks and had the kids. That was nice that I didn't have to get three kids ready and out the door for my days back to work. Cecelia still had school the first week. The second week daddy had all three. The kind, caring, compassionate mother that I am even scheduled a pediatrician appointment for him to take all three kids to to get shots. Muah ha ha ha!!

So, what's on the docket for the summer? We will be busy of course but not that busy as I am a firm believer in babies sleeping in their crib for naps. My goal is to miss as few naps as possible. Thankfully, I can still get her to sleep in the Ergo when necessary but sleep on the move, from what I've always read, isn't restorative sleep... Sorry, Charlotte, third kid problems.

So, what are we going to do this summer?
  • Well, of course we have our summer list to start chopping away at! 
  • In addition to that list we have swimming lessons, a Sprecher Traveling Beer Garden (Dude- beer, brats and playgrounds. Yes, please!), playtime on the patio, playground crawls on the bike, Art in the Park and Cecelia's summer school. 
  • Of course, we are gardening and stocking our stockpile. Yesterday kicked it off... 30 lbs of strawberries, 15 pounds of snap peas, 25 pounds of peaches... YUM! 
  • Lastly, Jason is training for a century bike ride. He has found a like in bike riding. We invested in a "good" bike for him as he puts on over a hundred miles a week. Hopefully this one won't break down like the Walmart bike he has had for the last few years. 

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